ritual and celebration burning

As oak wood is precious there does not seem to be much worthy tradition from burning oak. Oak wrapped in holly or birch is said to be the Yule Log tradition, though some say this is more aligned to the Ash.

There is and was a hesitation of burning oak due to belief and superstition of the oak wood being the passageways of spirits between the two worlds. Burning could be seen as breaking that connection which would harm the health of both worlds.

wands and staves

Staves of oak are very special and very much a chieftain symbol, a kind of badge of position.

Wands were and are sometimes used during a prayer or chant that is symbolising opening a new door to freedom or adventure, such as into a new Rite Of Passage such as boy to teen or maiden into union and mother. They are and were used to call upon the otherworld spirits within an oak tree to come and join us.


Acorns are scattered around the outside of homes and in pockets of clothing for protection from lightning, protection from poverty, protection from hunger and protection from invasion and harm from other people.

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