fuel in the hearth

Oak is a good steady slow burner giving good heat, once it is alight.


Splitting into logs is usually very easy


Oak usually needs help to ignite from kindling of other wood such as ash, unless the oak is very dry.


Does not spark


Good seasoning is essential and if well seasoned smoke is minimal, but unseasoned oak gives off a lot of foul smoke that is suffocating.

heat quality?

Very good heat and long lasting fuel, hence why oak is popular as a Yule log, but oak wood to burn must be seasoned as the green wood is resistant to burn, but why would anyone cut it green? Needs at least two year from cutting for seasoning and should only be felled or trimmed in winter. Summer cut oak can take five or more years to season. There is little to no flame when burning, just good heat. After burning Oak does deposit an incredible amount of ash.


Subtle fragrance when burning

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