growing and care

Growing oaks need a lot of patience, surrender, trust, service and divine dedication. Sowing and planting oaks is truly a dedication to the earth as we ay only see them as young slow growing trees in our lifetime. However, you will see its changing seasons and that brings a lot of joy.

preferred soil conditions?

Is happy in anything from heavy clay soils to sandy loam soils, but oaks like lots of humus around to make the soil nutrient rich. Alkaline soil tends to stunt its growth. Oaks do not like waterlogged soils as this promotes root rot but Oaks do like generous amounts of rainfall as it is a heavy water drinker. Oaks do grow deep tap roots to obtain water during dry spells.

preferred light, shade and water conditions?

Likes full sun best and does not grow well when light is restricted. Oak also needs space around it to let air flow.


Buds form through mid winter and then the Oak is one of the last trees to go from bud to leaf during mid May until early June.


Cream to yellow flowers bloom at the same time the buds break into leaves.


Oak may be coppiced well, but may not give a crop any more frequent than every 25 years. Some folk leave coppicing of an oak longer, sometimes as much as 50 years in between crops.

fruit and seeds

Acorns are the fruit and seed, very popular with wildlife, and can be sown to sprout as new oak trees. It can take a few years for them to germinate and a few more years before being ready for planting

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